Austin is an exquisite town to live, play in, work, and it just so happens that it is also an exquisite town to take wedding photographs in. From wide-open vistas, gardens, nature, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, to enthralling skylines and cityscapes, Austin has it all. There are a plethora of interesting and cool places and things to photograph. Regardless of what kind of photo shoot you are planning, here are some of the best places in Austin for your austin tx area wedding and engagement photos that feature a wide array of backdrops with options of leaning, standing, as well as sitting.

1. The Austin Skyline
This can be a wonderful backdrop for wedding photographs. The best place to photograph it is from the bridge the cars ride on, and not the pedestrian bridge. You can stand at the Lamar Street Bridge and get beautiful photographs of the skyline along with the river running next to it. If you wish to take night photos, you can get some cool shots with city lights twinkling and also reflecting in the water.

2. The Texas State Capitol
This building is an enormous structure frequently photographed for weddings. The Capitol stands 14 feet taller than the massive US Capitol, and is made of pink granite. It is a phenomenal place to photograph couples who wish to bring out their heritage and home state. You can get into the Senate Chambers and House for some beautiful shots.

3. Zilker Botanical Garden
This alluring place is Austin’s rendition of New York City’s Central Park. It highlights spectacular nature, including a Japanese garden and a rose garden. The 30 acre garden is incredibly mind-boggling for wedding photographs. This place turns miraculous especially in the springtime and the waterfall.

4. South Congress
Cupcakes, urban scenes, hotel- you name it and this place has it. South Congress is one of the best wedding photography spots in Austin simply because it has a wide array of stores, that is more of props, greater options and things to do with couples, urban backdrops and much more. Furthermore, several interesting shops, and lots of colors make it an exclusive Austin wedding photo spot.

Austin steadily ranks among the top cities for wedding photographs throughout the world. With a wide array of world-class museums, enthralling natural gardens, and a spectacular landscape, this place is wonderful for couples who wish to capture their wedding in the most special way. And not to forget the super talented wedding photographers, who can just make you look your very best on your special day.