A rhytidectomy or a face lift literally lift the skin of the face to tighten and rearrange the skin tissues and smooth out the skin. This cosmetic procedure can remove the appearance of wrinkles and any sagging areas of the face and neck. A face lift is one of the few proven ways to truly fight signs of aging in the face and neck region. The best age range for getting a face lift done is anyone from age forty to their seventies. The results of a facelift doesn’t completely fix aging. A facelift just gives the face a more youthful and refreshed look.

A facelift is a serious operation, so successfully recovering afterwards is important for a person’s health. Most people do want the healing process to be as quick as possible. Most doctors recommend patience is the best approach to the healing process and they believe about two to three weeks is the expected time frame for a patient to be completely healed and recovered after a facelift. The quicker a facelift patient heals depends on several factors. How healthy they were before the procedure, age and whether or not they listen to their doctor’s instructions.

Listening to the doctor’s advice on the healing process post facelift is the best way to heal as quickly as possible. Most plastic surgeon doctors advise -first of all- to rest after a facelift. Avoid using the muscles in your face and neck. If movement happens too often in the muscles of the face and neck too much it can make blood rush to those muscles and increase swelling. Lifting heavy objects is not recommended either. Lifting heavy objects or working out is not a good idea because it can make blood pump more through the body and make the face swell up even more. Drinking alcohol and smoking isn’t a good idea. Alcohol and cigarettes can slow down the healing process.

It’s important to contact the doctor if certain complications happen. A fever, pus, stitches that fall out too quickly or very extreme pain are signs of complications to the healing process. These complications can be signs of infection.

The plastic surgeon who performed the facelift will require the patient to go to in for appointments a few times during the weeks to heal. These appointments should not be skipped. Each appointment the plastic surgeon may give even further recommendations on how to heal quicker based on the current state of healing.

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